Feels Like Summer | Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino Feels Like Summer


After giving us a grim reminder of the current days/times of America, Childish Gambino is back to uplift our spirits, at least for the moment.  Today, he dropped off two tracks, both clearly giving summertime vibes.  The other track is also appropriately titled, being called "Summertime Magic."  This track really does put you in the mood to be outside somewhere simultaneously enjoying the warm sun and a subtle summer breeze.  The song definitely contains the elements of what you would expect from Childish Gambino at this point and it's hard to put the song in one particular genre of music.  I think there has been hints of a new project from Childish to follow the acclaimed Awaken, My Love! album that was released late 2016.  If all three of the songs we've heard from him this year belong to the same project, it should be an interesting mix of music.  Even though this track won't make it to my faves, I can appreciate it and per usual, I'm anticipating the next release from him.