Only Love | Mary J. Blige

Mary J Blige Only Love


After releasing her latest album last year, Mary is back with new music.  I guess Mary is officially the R&B auntie and that seems clear with this release.  I don't feel like Mary is too old to be making the sound that we got from What's the 411 and even My Life because that is not the sound that we've been getting from Mary in a while.  I don't hate the song, but the production is just making the song feel super dated to me. The production coupled with the way that Mary is singing on the song makes me feel like it's a song that I would hear during a mediocre but entertaining cruise ship performance.  I've been feeling like for a while, there's been something missing from Mary's music and that feeling doesn't disappear with this release.  I'm not sure if we're already about to get another album from Mary, but I really want her to dig in the "Not Gone Cry" or "Real Love" bag and deliver another one of those.

*The song only seems to be available on #Tidal for right now*