Denzel Curry Clout Cobain


Miami rapper Denzel Curry is certainly not new to the rap game, but I feel like most people would have looked at the title of this post and thought, "who?"  He's always been this artist that I've seen featured on a number of songs here and there but I've never really taken the time to go through his own individual works.  I'm sure he's looking for a little more "mainstream" exposure with the release of this single for his upcoming album, Ta13oo (Taboo).  The song is pretty dope and since I'm not too familiar with his catalog, I can't say whether this is on par for his usual sound.  The production on the song is dope and is a large part of the appeal for me.  His flow fit perfectly with it and I definitely feel like I'm more intrigued than I was before hearing this.  With this new album coming in the next two weeks (7/27/18), I'm sure his team will be trying to work this single and hope for that increased exposure.