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Estelle Better


As someone who has always been a huge fan of Estelle, I've been waiting for her solo return for a while.  She's done features here and there (one of the recent faves, is the one with Cyhi The Prynce) and even did a little project with Sampa The Great, but that was not enough for me.  This past #NewMusicFriday, we got this new track from Estelle and I'm loving it.  It immediately put me in the mind of how I felt after hearing her album Shine for the first time.  The songstress is giving vocals that you can expect if you're familiar with Estelle and the production has an initial groovy vibe then picks up into a dancehall-ish sound.  There isn't any information on if this is an official album single and though she hasn't really released a solo album in some years, I know she's been working on other things.  Hopefully, this signals a new album is coming soon and I'll be patiently waiting.