Drogba (Joanna) | Afro B x Wizkid

Afro B Wizkid Drogba Joanna


Wizkid might just have the Midas touch.  Lately, I feel like a lot of the songs he's been featured on have been pure musical gold.  This is the latest one that I've been literally been playing since the first time I heard it.  The artist who is responsible for the song is a new one for me and had it not shown up as a suggested track, I probably would've never come across it.  I've learned that he is from London but of course, is of African descent with his family hailing from Ivory Coast.  His type of music has been described as Afrowave which is a genre out of the UK that blends dancehall, afrobeats and rap.  This particular song gave me straight up afrobeats when I heard it but whatever genre it is classified, I'm loving it.  With Wizkid on the track, I would imagine that the song will get some reach that it may not have otherwise.  The song isn't actually new as it was released earlier this year, but I think the marketing and promo was recently stepped up a bit.  Apparently there is a challenge going around IG that they're trying to make go viral so it could potentially be an international smash by summer's end.