Level Up | Ciara

Ciara Level Up


The official rebound queen (I just gave her that title) is back with new music after a three year hiatus from music.  Though she's been doing other things like modeling, bearing children and seemingly winning at life, I think a good number of people were missing the musical CiCi.  There isn't any information about this being an official single for an album but I would assume it is.  Since she's been absent from the music game for a while, her team probably wants to see how this song performs before fully executing an album release plan/roll-out.  The song is cool, but not really something I want to really hear over and over again.  The production is giving voguing for the kids vibes and I prefer hearing her on a more bass driven track.  Not sure if her and Jazzy Pha are still on good terms, but I need that link up ASAP.  The video gives the song a little more appeal for me because who doesn't like watching Ciara dance her ass off, but it'll likely be a one off playback for me.