I Might Need Security | Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper I Might Need Security


After hinting about new music from some time now, Chance The Rapper dropped off 4 new songs today.  They songs aren't packaged together like an EP so I guess they're considered 4 individual singles but not necessarily for one particular project.  I've skimmed through all of the songs and nothing really tickled my fancy.  This song was probably one of my favorites out of the four but it's not really a track I'm moved to save to my faves.  The production and sample (from Jamie Foxx's I Might Need Security stand up special) is what initially drew me to the track.  As expected Chance is rapping on the track with some clever punchlines and metaphors but there really isn't anything memorable about the song or really the other 3.  Because he's Chance, it'll certainly get all of the buzz today but I'm not sure if that buzz will last through tomorrow's #NewMusicFriday.