FEFE | 6ix9ine x Nicki Minaj



Murda on the beat so it's not nice.  This track surely does live up to Murda Beatz's production tagline because this beat is crazy.  It was going to take a lot for me to hate this song after hearing the production kick in on the track.  I've said before that 6ix9ine's music isn't awful, but it just hasn't really been for me.  Most of his songs that I've previously heard, his flow was doing a lot of yelling and screaming over the beat, and I couldn't get past that.  This flow for him works so much better and makes listening so much more tolerable.  Nicki excels on production like this, and this is one of the more better verses I've heard from her lately with all the releases she's been doing over the last few months.  Though this is one of his better songs, I'm still not moved to save it to my faves.  Being able to get a heavy hitter like Nicki on the track may help 6ix9ine's reach just a little but I feel like most people who could do without his music will still pass on the song.