Nip Tuck | Nicki Minaj



Ok, so I know I just did a review of the Nicki album, Queen, on the latest podcast episode, but I had to double back since it's been a few days since my initial listen.  This album really is good.  I can't even front.  I've never been in the Nicki fan or hater club, I've just been indifferent about her acknowledging the dope songs for what they were.  The more I listen to the album, the more I love it.  This song is one of my favorites on it and I think it shows how well rounded the album is.  There really is something for everyone on the project.  I've always liked the singing/rapping Nicki and this song showcases that well.  Aside from the song being a whole personal mood for me, it's a nice song.  I can see this song being a female favorite because she's providing so many social media subs/quotables.  This song and most of the album will be in heavy rotation for a minute for me. .