Get The Strap | Uncle Murda x Casanova x 6ix9ine x 50 Cent

Get the Strap


Beware, if you haven't seen episode 8 of #Power, then you may wanna move on to another article because this may contain a spoiler or two.  

It looks like we finally know the reason behind 50 cent's #getthestrap hashtag he's been using for a while.  After his infamous character from Power was killed in the latest episode, this song immediately began playing to memorialize what had just happened.  This track, featuring some of the hottest rappers out of NY, definitely serves as the theme of the latest episode for the show and I'm not sure if the track was just strictly made for that moment or if it just fit perfectly.  It's also unclear if the song belongs to one of the 4 with the remaining 3 as features or if it's strictly collaborative.  The song is cool with each artist holding their own, but it's not really my cup of tea.  However, I'm sure those that have been holding it down in the "NY rap is not dead" debates will be pleased with the song.