It Is What It Is | Diggy

Diggy It Is What It Is


After taking some time off from music, Diggy (Simmons) is back with new music.  With the release of this song, Diggy mentioned that he had been self-conscious of his music which explains his absence over the last few years or so.  The song gives you an opportunity to really hear Diggy's lyrical skills and the type of content that you can expect from his music.  The song is okay but I really wish the production would have picked up or switched up at some point.  The whole song left me waiting for the beat to drop at any minute, but that never happened.  Since we haven't heard from him in a while, I feel like this production selection was strategic in that you really get to hear from him and not be distracted by a "good beat."  Diggy seems to now be in a space where he's not going to let the potential for criticism get in his way so I'm sure we'll be getting more releases on a consistent basis from now on.