Nonchalant | K Camp

K Camp Nonchalant


I have not been shy about my love for K Camp (his music) and how underrated I feel he is.  He quietly releases projects that has some bangers but the mainstream media hardly picks up on it.  He released a new EP, This For You, for his fans last week exclusively on the mixtape website Spinrilla.  The EP is a quick, 5-track project, and this track immediately stood out to me.  The song reminds me of a lot of my favorite K Camp songs.  Heavy-hitting production and a catchy hook that makes me want to see how the strip clubs are receiving the track.  It was one of the better tracks on the project but I have to say I feel like it sounds like a song of his I've heard before.  However, that won't stop me from saving this to my my faves playlist.  With the title of the project, I would guess that these were songs K Camp had laying around and just decided to release them for his fans since he hasn't put out any solo work in some time.