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Sabrina Claudio Messages To Her


Despite all the woke people attempting to cancel Sabrina Claudio after some old racist/racially charged tweets of hers were discovered just as she was starting to heat up, she's back with new music.  The song seems to be a single from her upcoming debut studio album, no rain no flowers, expected to be released on August 15th.  The song has a sexy production to it as she gets personal and let's us in on some self-reflection.  If you're familiar with her music, she's giving vocals that you could expect from her: soft, yet powerful.  It's unfortunate all of the drama that surrounded her some months back because she really is talented and it's hard to say if she'll recover from those tweets, despite apologizing.  I've been clear how I feel about this current cancel culture that we're in, so I'm still going to be anticipating the album release.  Her previous EP's and single releases have caught my attention and with the way this track sounds, I imagine we'll get some similar vibes from the project.