Drip Too Hard | Lil Baby x Gunna

Drip Too Hard


For 2 artist that have been unexpectedly making major waves this year with their releases, it’s only right that they teamed up to do a new song together while they’re both hot. Both of the Atlanta rappers have recently received pretty good reviews of their latest projects respectively, so it would seem that the song would be a dope collaboration. Initially, I was hoping for some harder production, especially looking at both of their discographies and their typical beat selection. However, the more I listened, the more the production grew on me. The song is cool and with the two coming out with a collab project this month (Drip Harder), this track makes me anticipate what the rest of it will sound like. I feel like I should go ahead and start adjusting the levels in the whip. I’m not sure if this song is really enough to garner much radio play, but as with most of their songs, individually and collectively, the streets will likely take to it with ease.