GTFO | Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey GTFO


After releasing a single with YG last year (“I Don’t”), the legendary Mariah Carey is back with new music. Even though the last single did have a spot on the R&B charts, it didn’t seem to really catch on too big. I remember hearing the song, but I couldn’t tell you what it sounded like if my life depended on it. When I saw the title of this single, I was already kind of giving a side eye, because I had a feeling the song was going to be Mariah trying to be a little too trendy, when her legendary status doesn’t require it. The production of the song was a little too dull for me and I think the song would have fared better as a more up-tempo or a more urban sound, like a Jermaine Dupri production. No one can deny that they made magic together at one point. I was waiting for the production to do something else throughout the song, but that never happened. It’s Mariah so we know what to expect vocally, but the song sounds kind of silly, specifically the hook. I get the sentiment, but the execution is lacking for me.