Of course I’m always on the lookout for new music, but it’s much more exciting to discover a new artist that makes some dope music. I think I may have found another one in this new song from Joji that I discovered. I think the cover art initially caught my attention and made me wonder what the song would be all about. I think that’s because if you look at the cover art, there really is no indication of what you’ll get. As soon as the song begins, I’m even more intrigued and excited to see where the song was going to go. As the vocals kick in, I immediately had to google to see who this artist was. He’s an Australian-Japanese producer/singer/rapper and apparently also used to have a huge YouTube channel. The song is super sultry and I like how it stays that way throughout the song. It’s definitely one of those spark up and listen songs and I’m all here for it. Joji is officially on my radar and with a new album, BALLADS 1, coming soon, I’ll see if this is just a one-off or if I’ll officially become a fan.