Better | Khalid

Khalid Better


Originally, I was thinking that I’ve been seeing a lot of new Khalid lately, but then I realized that most of the other songs are collabs with other artists or him being featured. We haven’t had a solo Khalid song since the single releases from American Teen. Hearing this gave me the same feeling I had when I heard “OTW” for the first time. I like the faster tempo and he’s showing that he can easily do both. It’s been a couple years since the creation of his debut album so naturally he’s grown and the music is slowly adapting as well. Even though there have been some songs of his that we’re just cool to me, I can say that I haven’t heard a song that I felt was just awful. The streak continues with this release and the track is dedicated his hometown, El Paso, Texas. Though it’s not listed as being connected with any album, I’m anxious to hear what sophomore project from him would sound like. With the reality of the sophomore curse, I would say what I’ve been hearing from Khalid leads me to believe he can avoid that.