Shiny Suit Theory | Jay Electronica x Jay-Z

Shiny Suit Theory


I think a new project from Jay Electronica may be the most anticipated album release since Jay Rock. It’s one of those things that you’ve heard people talking about coming for a couple years now, but there hasn’t been indication that it’s actually coming… maybe until this release. The Roc Nation signee hasn’t released a project of his own since 2007 and even then, I think it was a mixtape release as opposed to an album release. This song was actually released back in 2010, but looks like there was a decision to officially release the track on streaming platforms sometime between last night and this morning. Though the track doesn’t really have the stereotypical “single” sound, putting the big homie on the song will hopefully help its reach. This will also likely help his fans believe that more new music really is on the way. There really hasn’t been much explanation given as to the delay, but it looks like things are finally in motion. The fans of both Jays will likely have already heard the song, but I’m not sure if the song is enough to garner new fans or attention. The core fan base should be happy that hopefully this signals the beginning of more to come.