151 Rum | J.I.D.

JID 151 Rum


The often slept on Atlanta rapper, J.I.D. is back with new music after the release of his debut album, The Never Story, last year. The rapper has announced the release of his upcoming album, DiCaprio 2, but we haven’t gotten a release date. However, this morning, we got this new single from him which is the first release from the new project. The track is J.I.D. just straight up delivering bars with no hook to let him or us catch a breath. J.I.D. fits perfectly in the Dreamville lineup and this song showcases it. If you’re unfamiliar with J.I.D., this song may not be the style that you’re used to hearing from him, but it doesn’t sound forced or unnatural. The production is also a nice highlight as well. Apparently, Mac Miller did a lot of the production on the upcoming project, but he isn’t credited with this song. (Cred: Christo & Nice Rec). J.I.D. was also supposed to be opening up for Mac on his Swimming Tour, so it’ll be interesting to see if he ends up opening for someone else since obviously that tour is now canceled.