Backin' It Up | Pardison Fontaine x Cardi B

Pardison Fontaine Backin It UP


Bardi is back! Ok, well this isn’t her actual song, but looks like she’s getting the features popping again since having baby Kulture. Now, I recently just became familiar with Pardison Fontaine via Charlamagne doing a lot vouching for him and his music lately. Even though I kept hearing about him, I still hadn’t heard actual music from him and was never really compelled to go seek it out. Now I did know that he was credited with cowriting Bodak Yellow with Cardi but that was the extent of my knowledge. Hearing this song, I can’t say that the song is wack, but as much as Charlamagne was hyping him up, I think I was expecting something else lyrically and content wise. Production is A-1 and makes for one of those songs that makes you feel like it won’t take much to kill the vibe of the song. Pardison starts off with his verse and hearing him, I’m rocking with him, though I do wanna hear more before completely being sold. The hook combined with the general love for Cardi right now could potentially make this song very successful.