High | Young Thug x Elton John

Young Thug


After teasing us over the last few weeks, Thugger has finally released his latest EP, On The Rvn. The project dropped at midnight and has 6 tracks with a total of 3 features. The project originally was to be released a couple weeks ago when Thug turned himself in on a warrant for those 8 felony charges, but reportedly some clearance issues held it up (likely this song). This song had me immediately curious because I wasn’t sure if it was an actual feature from Elton John. Turns out, it’s sample of Elton’s famed song, “Rocket Man.” Similar to the other tracks on the EP, the song is just okay, but as someone who surprisingly became a huge fan of Young Thug following his Barter 6 mixtape, it’s a little disappointing. I’ve only had the chance to listen once through, so I’m going to run it back to be sure, but I haven’t felt the Barter 6 magic since that release. There is a little more rapping than singing on this project, which is my preference for him, but something about it is missing the mark.