Dirty | Tank

Tank Dirty


If you’re at work reading this and plan on scrolling down to press play, DON’T, unless you have in headphones. From jump, Tank lets you know that the song is headed exactly where you’d imagine after reading the title. The production of the song puts me in the mind of a slower version of his most recent hit single, “When We,” but there’s no production cred given yet so I can only assume some of the same hands may have been involved with this song. Now the track itself isn’t bad, but I think I’m just really at a point where I don’t need to hear the explicit details to get the sexiness out of a song. This type of music also feels like it’s only appropriate in one setting. Why am I riding around in my car hearing this? Or sitting in my office? Tank has never been one to leave much to the imagination, so I’m sure his core fans will love this song and I could also see it possibly getting the same late appreciation like the last single.