Spendin | ILoveMakonnen x Gucci Mane



Although he hasn’t went up much of anywhere lately, ILoveMakonnen is back with a new single to start off his new year. Though he released a couple of EPs last year, I didn’t hear anything from those projects or anything about them. I decided to give this song a listen and initially, I felt like, okay, he might have another one. As he raps throughout the first verse, I felt like I’d much rather hear more of the hook. Though this song may not get the same reception that “Tuesday” got, it’s not a bad song and after about the third listen, I’m discovering that the hook is pretty infectious. Can’t say that I’ll be saving this to my faves, but I could hear this song getting some spins in the appropriate places and I wouldn’t necessarily be annoyed if I heard it out and about. It’s one of those songs that some people will hate and some won’t mind.