Pure Water | Mustard x Migos

Mustard Migos Pure Water


New music is really rolling in real slow for the new year but it may be starting to pick up. This new track from DJ Mustard was released today and it has been no secret how I feel about a large majority of Mustard’s production so I wasn’t really expecting much from the song (just go listen to old podcasts episodes or read old reviews). The production wasn’t terrible but it still has that same standard sound that a lot of his production has. It did sound like he was working with different instrumentation so that was at least good to hear. À la DJ Khaled, you can just expect to hear Migos on the verses and their contribution is pretty typical Migos. It is one of those songs that doesn’t really get me excited listening to it but I could hear this being played regularly just because, it’s the Migos and the production is catchy enough.