Times 10 | Sammie x Lil Baby

Sammie Times 10


Well look at who has grown the hell up! Although it’s been a minute since I’d heard some new music from Sammie, he apparently has spent the last decade releasing music on a pretty consistent basis. I feel like his case is a good example of how the new streaming era should help him because let’s be honest, I wasn’t going to iTunes to cop new Sammie but now these streaming platforms expose you to so much music you may have missed otherwise. I’ve definitely seen the grown man Sammie on Instagram, and listening to this new song let’s me know that his content has grown with him. It’s always a bit of a transition for these singers that were popping as kids to let the music evolve with them. It doesn’t feel forced or awkward, which I feel like happens often with child-star artists. Though his last few releases haven’t gotten much attention, adding Lil Baby to this song, who is pretty hot right now, will help I think capture not only a new Sammie audience but also pull back in the audience that has also grown up with him. He just released an EP last year, so this song may be the preview to an album, which I would be interested to hear after hearing this song.