Middle Child | J. Cole

J Cole Middle Child


On the heels of all of the press surrounding the Dreamville recording sessions that were happening last week, J. Cole releases a single presumably for his own project. I find it a little strange that with all the attention around the recording sessions for the Dreamville compilation, that we then get a solo Cole track. Well, we’re here now and Cole teams up again with “Kevin’s Heart” producer, T-Minus, for this new single. Immediately hearing the production, I was glad that it was a little different sound than we’re used to hearing from Cole. After Cole’s verse on 21 Savage’s “Alot,” it was clear that Cole had been hearing a lot of talks about him after the KOD release and continues to address that in this song. It’s unclear who, if anyone, Cole is addressing in the song but listening, you can make a few assumptions. I feel like if you were not already a Cole fan before hearing this, this song won’t necessarily convert you even though the production may have had you listening longer than usual. However, the Cole fans will appreciate the lyrical exercise he exhibits throughout the whole song.