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Dawn Richard New Breed


Though it appears that Danity Kane is on good terms and on tour right now, Dawn said that ain’t about to stop her solo bag. This past Friday, Dawn released a new album, new breed, and as I listened to the album, I had to really sit and think if I’d ever heard any of Dawn’s solo music. I feel like I have, but as I scanned her discography, none of it was ringing a bell. The album as a whole is cool and it really gives you a nice overall picture of the type of artist that Dawn is all while properly putting her hometown culture on display. This particular song was one of the more “traditional” sounding R&B songs. The production is dope on the track and vocally, she sounds really good. I don’t really get mainstream vibes from any of the songs in particular, but I don’t think and hope that she’s not one of those artists that cares about things like that. Word is while on tour with the group, she gets to showcase some of her solo music, which I think should be received well amongst their fans.

*After writing this, I disocvered that the song was actually released last year, and it looks like she decided to include it on the new album *