Jumpin On A Jet | Future



New music is slowly rolling in for 2019 and Future seems to be taking the lead with this being his second single release this year. With his announcement earlier this week that he would be dropping a new album, The Wizrd (which will also have a movie/documentary accompanying it), this Friday, he released the second single from that project last night. The first single, “Crushed Up” wasn’t terrible, but it just sounded pretty run-of-the-mill Future. My initial reaction to that song was that it just sounded lazy. This release gives me a little more hope of what the album will sound like, but it still feels like a song I could find a few times over in Future’s existing discography. I will say, I appreciate there isn’t much singing Future, but the repetitious nature of the song is what’s deterring me from saving it to my faves. And believe me, at one point, I considered myself a strong Future Hive member, but lately, I’m just not seeing the growth. I still have faith that the album will have some gems that I’ll enjoy, but these single releases aren’t making me feel confident about exactly how many.