Motivation | Ncredible Gang x Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon Motivation


Now with all of the money Nick Cannon is making in his many business ventures, why did he insist on going back to music? Based on NIck’s track record and my personal taste for music, I wasn’t expecting much when I saw this song pop up on my streaming platform. Initially I thought that this was a song with multiple people on it because of how it’s titled as a track from the “Ncredible Gang,” which I knew was Nick’s management company, but nope, it’s just him. Now, upon pressing play, the song wasn’t as terrible as I thought I’d be, but it’s still pretty bad. Let’s just say lots of autotune coupled with some attempts at crooning lyrics that didn’t really motivate me at all. While doing some research on Mr. Cannon, I realized that he’s been releasing music over the last fews years (I’ll let you go look at the album titles of his last couple projects on your own) and I must say, can’t say that I’m mad I missed it. So, not sure if this is a one-off single or a preview of more to come.