Red Room | Offset

Offset Red Room


Finally, an official single release from Offset for his solo project. I have still been waiting on Offset and/or QC to address the fact that Offset album never came out in December and this is the first sign that I’ve seen that the album is in fact coming. This track was apparently leaked some months ago, but I never heard it or even really saw that it was out. I also don’t really pay much attention to leaked music because you never know if you’re listening to something that the artist considers to be completed. With the official release of this song, we also were told that the Offset solo project will be released next Friday (2/22) but I’ll believe it when I actually see it. Just going off of this track, Offset’s solo album may be following suit with his Migos and their solo releases…lackluster. Although, I’ve recently grown an appreciation of Offset as a rapper based on what he’s been doing on features lately, this single isn’t giving me those same feels. I’m still holding out hope for the rest of the project and hopefully there will be some other directions taken.