Forever and A Day | August Alsina



It’s been some years since August Alsina’s last project release and the new EP, Forever and A Day, was quietly released on Valentine’s Day. I happened to stumble upon a song and when I went to find more info, I discovered a whole project was released. Now, I haven’t really kept up much with Mr. Alsina because I felt like over the last few years, every time he was in the media, it had nothing to do with the music so glad to see he’s back to that. The EP gives you what you would expect from a Valentine’s Day release, but I wasn’t really amazed by it. This song is appropriately the lead off and it’s cool, but again, nothing that I would necessarily go back and listen to. Though it’s good to see August back to the music, I feel like he has had a hard time getting back to the success of his debut single. I also haven’t really heard much of that sound in his his subsequent releases so maybe if he gets back to that, he’ll get there.