Bagga Mouth | Buju Banton



The legend is back. Fresh off his 7 year bid on drug charges, Buju was released back in December and is getting right back to the music. Upon his release, he immediately announced a concert that he would be doing in his hometown of Kingston on March 16th and now there is new music to go along with that. With his last music being released right before he went away, I imagine he was ready to get things back popping. This song is pretty classic Buju and his fans should receive it well. The signature dance hall/reggae sound never gets old and will surely get any party going. Even with the similarities in sound, it doesn’t even matter. With his type of music, as long as it makes you move, it has met its goal. It’s good to see him right back at it as I’m sure he’s been eager to get back to making music. I can only imagine how that concert is going to be so hopefully someone will be smart enough to set up the live stream.