Tare | Amara La Negra

Amara La Negra Unstoppable


This post is for the LHH Miami fans. I rarely get into the artists that appear on that show unless I was already familiar with them, but Cardi proved that there could definitely be overlooked talent on the reality show roster. Amara released her project, Unstoppable, this past new music Friday (love the cover art btw) and immediately I recognized at least one of the tracks from a recent episode of the show. She displays her vocal abilities throughout the project and I don’t think I knew that she could actually sing. This particular song was one of the standouts to me and what I imagined that most of her music would sound like. She gives a lot of R&B vibes on the album and I wanted to hear a little more of this particular sound. I do recall a lot of her storyline last year was her wanting to break into the American market, but the Latin music sound is pretty big right now and steadily growing a lot in America. This is the same beef I’ve had with some afrobeats artists trying to do the same and ditching their authentic sound to do so. I haven’t heard any of her previous works so I can’t say that’s what she’s done but I feel like that sound would do very well for her even here in America.