Girls Need Love (Remix) | Summer Walker x Drake

Girls Need Love remix


Aubrey loves him a young, sultry songstress don’t he? He surely has a history of finding dope female singers and working with them and it looks like Summer is up next. Though she just released an EP at the end of last year, this remix comes from a track off her debut album, Last Day of Summer .  Similar to how I feel about most of her music, the song is a mood and Drake adds to that vibe. He came in really crooning on some Side B Drake ish. Though I feel like the song, like many of hers, was worthy before, the Drake addition could help get the song to radio play or at minimum, introduce her to some new ears. If this is your first introduction to Summer, I would highly suggest starting with that album. With Drake’s streak of teaming up with lesser known artists, mainstream attention is likely soon to come. Hopefully they’ll shoot a cool video, which should also help with exposure.