Proud Of U | EARTHGANG x Young Thug

Earthling Young Thug Proud of You


Even as a pretty avid music geek, I miss some stuff out here just because it’s so much music being released literally every day, multiple times a day. When I started looking into EARTHGANG, I was trying to figure out how I had not yet heard any of their music. I know I’ve seen their name on festival and concert posters but their music has never really crossed my path…well, until today. As a Thug fan, his feature is really what caught my attention. When the song begins, in that I’m unfamiliar with the rap duo, I wasn’t sure where it was going, but once the beat dropped, I was in. I’m unsure of who is rapping which verse from EARTHGANG, but after hearing this track, they are officially on my radar. Between being Dreamville signees and their affiliation with other young, dope artists out of Atlanta like J.I.D. and 6lack, I’m sure I’ll discover more music that I’ll be mad I’m late to.