Crown | Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland Crown


I think Kelly is officially back back! It wasn’t that long ago that I reviewed her song “Kelly” on a podcast episode. Officially that song was released on December 10th so for her to be right back with music, after not releasing any in about 5 years, I think it’s safe we got a new Kelly project coming real soon. The song “Kelly” didn’t really make any traction, and though I can’t remember exactly what my review of the song was, I feel like it would’ve made at least a little noise. This song is giving me the same feels, though I think this one will really pop. It may even fare better with pop audiences than the R&B one, although I think they’ll rock with it too. Just imagine an updated, more fun version of India Arie’s “I Am Not My Hair.” It has its anthem potential and who would not like the message?! Cute video to match too. I will say that I’m ready for a her to get back in the “Motivation” bag with these new releases.