Back Bone | Bria Jhane

Bria Jhane Back Bone


I know there is lots to discuss with today’s #NewMusicFriday’s releases, but you’ll have to wait until the Music Monday podcast for that. I meant to cover this song earlier this week as it was released last Friday, but it slipped my mind. It’s funny because I was wondering a few weeks ago what happened to young Bria. For those unaware, she was discovered on the VH1 show, “Signed” by The-Dream who then signed her to his RadioKilla record label. Her vocals were something serious and with Dream’s track record, it was no surprise that he scooped her up…her vocals and his writing ability should make for greatness. This is the second song I’ve heard from Bria but the first one was immediately after the finale aired and at this point that was over a year ago, so I wasn’t sure if there would be more coming. It’s good to hear this song and that she’s staying true to the sound she entered the reality show competition with. I really am look forward to hearing more and a whole body of work from her.