You Changed | Pleasure P

Pleasure P You Changed


With the Millennium Tour under way, I figured this would be a good song to review to start off today’s #MusicMonday. Now it’s been a minute since I’ve heard any solo Pleasure P music, specifically since like ‘09, but I feel like this song didn’t really sound like him. I was also not really a huge Pretty Ricky or Pleasure P fan so maybe I could be really off in that assessment. The song itself is cool…the hook is catchy, but I don’t know if that’s enough to have the song really doing numbers. I’ve complained several times over about today’s R&B and R&B’s artists constant need to sample older R&B. Though that doesn’t happen overtly here, we got a small glimpse of it with his second verse. Pleasure P’s role on Love & Hip Hop Miami should open him up to new fans and kicking the single off the same day that the tour kicked off was also smart. *After writing, I realized the song was actually released a year ago, and clearly it didn’t pick up the traction he wanted, so the re-release to coincide with the tour was the plan B.*