Sex Talk | Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion Sex Talk


In the crazy way that life works, it would be on the heels of gaining some serious mainstream attention and recognition, Megan would face a super sad tragedy with her mother passing away on Friday. Obviously the release of this single had been contemplated prior to its release on Friday, but I’m sure Megan didn’t think that instead of doing promo for this single, she would be planning final arrangements for her biggest fan and supporter. I’m not sure what sparked the sudden popularity Meg was getting, I just know it was pretty hard to scroll on twitter without a video of her either rapping and/or twerking popping up. This single is along similar lines of “Big Ole Freak” and many of her other songs. With a few freestyle clips floating around, it’s clear that Megan raps for real for real, so don’t let the sex talk fool you…no pun intended. She’s definitely going to have take a little time off for herself but I know once she’s back, she should be able to pick up that momentum where she left off.