Only Want You | Rita Ora x 6LACK

Rita Ora 6lack Only Want You


I’ve heard a few Rita Ora’s songs over the years, but I’ve never really been able to connect to her music. Somehow she’s sort of developed this image outside of music where she is more known for “not being known” or for other ventures such as fashion and TV. When I saw this new song, I thought maybe the addition of 6LACK may change things. The track was actually released late last year, but with Rita solo and I can’t recall ever even hearing the song before so adding a feature was a no-brainer, I’m sure. This song is the same vibe I get from a lot of her music, just okay and not really memorable. Rita takes on the beginning of the song with 6LACK’s verse coming towards the end. Although he sounded like classic 6LACK, which I am a fan of, the song just doesn’t really do much for me. Though, I could see the song being a “commercial success” and doing well on pop stations and maybe internationally, which is where most of her fan base is. It should certainly introduce 6LACK to a new audience and maybe vice versa for Rita.