That's A Rack | Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert That's A Rack


So I guess Uzi is officially out of retirement. After being very vocal about his disdain for his current label situation and Hov having to step in with the Roc Nation management, I suppose Uzi felt comfortable getting back to the music. I mean, did anyone ever really take the retirement announcement seriously? Well, either way, he dropped off 2 new singles today. This track and another one titled “Sanguine Paradise.” Unfortunately no clue what that title means. After listening to both, I feel the same about both tracks…I’m good on them, but this one is a little more pleasing to the ears than the other one. Uzi definitely has a solid fan base so they’ll probably love it and it may even be just for the simple fact that he’s back to the music. Even though I wouldn’t describe myself as an Uzi fan, it’s still good to see him back at his craft. His second album, Eternal Atake, has been on the way for a while and with these two new singles being released, that may actually be happening sooner rather than later.