Imported | Jessie Reyez x 6lack

Jessie Reyez 6lack Imported


After her song “Figures” was declared a hit, Jessie Reyez released quite a few songs last year, but none of them seemed to share the same success. This particular song was also released last year but with a different feature. Adding 6lack to the song was a wise decision because of his popularity and vocally, he matches her vibe very well. If you’ve heard the song “Figures,” I would describe this song being somewhat reminiscent of that, specifically the production. My initial impression of the song was that it was cool, but after a few more listens, I’m all into it. I’m not sure if it would be widely received, but having 6lack on it will certainly introduce her to some new folks. They played off each other well to make a dope collab with a video to match. Kinda sucks for whoever was featured initially, but that’s the business of music. I’m sure she’s trying to catch another hit, and this may just do it.