Built That Way | Emotional Oranges



If you listen to the Joe Budden podcast like me, then you’ve probably heard this group mentioned quite a few times and their songs played as sleeper picks by Rory. The payola is real…j/k, but, not really. I’d never heard of the group until the podcast and I was sort of resistance because I fall back when I feel like an artist is being forced upon me. With a new single release this past #NewMusicFriday, I figured this would be a good chance to give them a listen. This particular song is cool but I’m not really blown away. I decided to go back through some of their other releases so I can try to capture what their sound likes that. The other releases are similar to this one, but I I liked those a bit more. This is why I hate hearing hype about an artist/group because when I finally hear them, I feel like the expectation are high and they’re usually not met. They seem to have a pretty strong fan base so what do I know? The group is pretty mysterious and all I really know about them is that it’s a male-female duo. They’ve announced their first full-length project for release on May 10th so I’ll be interested to hear more.