Jerome | Lizzo

Lizzo Jerome


Lizzo is definitely a legend in the making and I’m here for it all. After some pretty successful single releases, Lizzo dropped her third studio album off this past #NewMusicFriday and the whole thing really is something to get into. Her style and the style of music changes throughout making the project intriguing from beginning to end. This particular song caught my attention within the first few seconds of it playing. An updated version of Erykah Badu’s “Tyrone” if you will, the song is one that will be identifiable with many and I can already hear females belting this one out as they replace the name with someone more applicable to their life. The ballad feel of the song helps give it so much life as well as the instrumentation, as with many of the other songs on the album. She is slated to go on her own tour for this album and that is a show that I’m sure will give you your money’s worth. It’s definitely Lizzo’s time so expect to hear more about her for a while.