Abena | Cuppy x Kwesi Arthur x Shaydee x Ceeza Milli

DJ Cuppy Abena


I’m always looking for songs to add to my Homeland playlist and this one might just make it. Popular Nigerian DJ, Cuppy has been on her DJ Khaled ish lately releasing music that is essentially collabs with other artists. She released quite a few singles last year, but none of them really popped. I did a review of her song with Wizkid and if I recall my review, it was that the song was missing something, which has been pretty much my sentiment with all her releases. This track feels like she’s finally getting there as I could see this song being a hit among afrobeat fans. The only artist that I was familiar with was Ghanaian artist Kwesi Arthur. The other two are Nigerian singers. The production was right, which I think may have been my beef with the other songs. I’ve said before, 3/4 of the battle with a hit afrobeat song is the beat. I also enjoy the hook on this one so with that combination, I think the song could do well. I don’t really see it being an immediate hit (except with the Abena’s out there), but it’s definitely one of those that can grow.