Baptize Me | X Ambassadors x Jacob Banks

Game of Thrones soundtrack


After all the fury surrounding the episode of Games of Thrones last night, it only felt right to review this song on the morning after. Now, I don’t watch the show (*gasp*, I know) but you’d have to be under a rock to not know it was going on and if you’re on social media, you practically know everything that’s happening, play-by-play. This past #NewMusicFriday, an album with music inspired by the series was released and there are some pretty good songs and some dope artist featured. The album release was smart to capitalize off of the show’s popularity during this finale season. This particular song caught my attention because of Jacob Banks and his infectious voice. I’ve reviewed him a few times before and my sentiments have not changed. The song itself is a good song and though the rock band, X Ambassadors aren’t familiar to me, I will say the pairing works together. Even without watching the show, you can almost picture appropriate scenes that this song would be playing in. There are some other dope gems on the album so I would recommend a listen, even for the anti-Thronies.