Good To Ya | King Combs x Ty Dolla $ign

King Combs Good To Ya


Young Combs has been following in his father’s footsteps for quite some time which is so fitting because he is literally the spitting image of his dad. Even listening to his music style, it’s obvious that he took more than a few notes from his pops. I previously reviewed one of his songs on a podcast episode and if my memory serves me correctly, I recall feeling like the song was cool, but it wasn’t really anything memorable. This past Friday, he dropped off an EP, Cyncerely, C3 and it’s a cool project, but not really enough for me to save to my faves or come back to. This song was an immediate stand out to me and with the Ty Dolla effect, that’s not hard to believe. The song is a cool little vibe and gives me a 90s early 2000s feel, specifically the production and how Ty hits the hook. Christian has been making music for a little minute now and it’s interesting to see how his father’s place in the industry hasn’t really led to mainstream success, but he’s still somewhat early enough in his career to see if that changes.