Old Town Road (Remix) | Lil Nas X x Billy Ray Cyrus

Old Town Road Remix


After this, I think it’s safe to call Billy Ray Cyrus an ally. After country music tried to discredit the success of the original version of Old Town Road by removing it from the country billboard charts, Billy Ray said, I got you bro! The original version had clearly been making waves and now we have this version with the controversy surrounding it, the song is surely set to reach even higher than it had. Billy Ray giving Lil Nas X the stamp was huge and it’ll be hard for the genre to continue to deny this song its just due. It definitely helps that the song is jamming and I think that’s what’s pissing the old-school country crowd off. I’m sure they’ve been asking themselves, “how dare this young black boy envade our music like this?” Little do they realize, them treating him this way is about to be the reason that the song is going to skyrocket. It’ll be undeniable and they’ll have no choice to accept it. How can you hear this song and not think country?Good looking Billy Ray and I’m excited to hear Lil Nas follow up with another hit to keep pissing them off.