Throw Fits | London On Da Track x G-Eazy x City Girls x Juvenile

London On Da Track Throw Fits


So, a few quick immediate take- aways from this song. The bounce sound is here to stay for a minute, Yung Miami verses still sound like a struggle to get through for me and her, and Juvenile ain’t missed a beat all these years later. The track is a pretty standard dance/club song but it really isn’t doing much for me. I honestly didn’t make it through the end of the song on my initial listen then I discovered Juve was on the song and had to go back and listen to the whole thing. The song isn’t terrible but it also isn’t really memorable to me. It feels like something I’ve heard a few times before. I’m glad the younger generation that will likely be drawn to this song will be introduced to the legend that is Juvenile. With his recent project with Birdman out (and sounding dope btw) hopefully it’ll draw them to his entire discography. At one point, I thought London was coming out with a compilation style project, but after a couple single releases in 2017, this is the first sign of that happening since then, but no official word yet.