Just Us | DJ Khaled x SZA

DJ Khaled Father of Asahd


Ok, it’s been a few days since the release of Khaled’s latest project, Father of Asahd, and I’m feeling the same way I felt on Friday after going through my first listen. Underwhelmed. If you’ve followed any of my previous review of Khaled’s music/projects, you’d notice that my opinion has not changed. I feel comfortable standing firm in my belief that Khaled does not put together good albums, especially considering the high-caliber artists he can get on one song/project. I picked this song to review to give further proof of that opinion. As I was going through the tracklist, I saw that Outkast got writing credit before even reaching the song, so I got excited to hear what was done with whatever song they sampled. I heard the “Ms. Jackson” usage and as the production continued, I was severely disappointed. This is a pretty bad sample usage and as a HUGE fan of SZA, I was just puzzled with the song as a whole. This is what I mean when I say, he can’t really put together a song that well. As with this song, the rest of the songs on the album aren’t bad, but with what he’s working with, it’s like, “this is all you could come up with?!” I’m currently listening again to make sure my bias didn’t get in the way, but I’m still feeling the same after getting about halfway through this go around.